The UKIACR Constitution

The United Kingdom and Ireland Association of Cancer Registries (the Association) is a society, members of which are involved in the development of cancer registration, and in its application both to the study of cancer in defined populations and to the development of cancer control programmes.

Scope and objectives

The Association is involved in all aspects of the National Cancer Registration Schemes of England and Wales, Scotland, Ireland and Northern Ireland, and collaboration aimed at improving these schemes is a central purpose of the Association.  The Association has interests in all aspects of cancer registration, both in its methodology and in its application to the collection, analysis and publication of population-based data on the incidence and mortality of cancer and survival from cancer, and in the use of these data for research aimed at control of cancer in the population.  A prime responsibility is the development of policy in this area.

The specific objectives of the Association are:

  1. to promote the collection and use of population-based data on cancer for research, health needs assessment, health care evaluation and cancer control;
  2. to co-ordinate policy development on confidentiality and access to registry data;
  3. to co-ordinate the exchange of technical advice between Members;
  4. to hold periodic scientific and technical meetings, and to hold an annual general meeting of the Association;
  5. to develop the role of cancer registries in education and training;
  6. to co-operate with and seek the support of National Health Service authorities in the furtherance of cancer registration;
  7. to represent its Members to such national bodies as may be appropriate.
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