About the UKIACR sub-groups

"Ben Nevis Panorama" by Leo Hoogendijk is licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0

The UKIACR subgroups were reconfigured in 2008, taking into account relationships between the subgroups and the NICN Clinical Reference Groups, the NCIN Analysis Team and the NCIN/MDT Taskforce Training Group.

There are now three UKIACR sub-groups:

Analysis Group

Joint Chairs: Jason Poole, Trent Cancer Registry and Sally Vernon, West Midlands Cancer Intelligence Unit

Data Quality Assurance and Registration Group

Joint Chairs: Alexandra Thackeray, Trent Cancer Registry and Ceri White, Welsh Cancer Intelligence & Survelliance Unit

Training, Coding and Classification Group

Co-Chairs: Brian Rous, Eastern Cancer Registration and Information Centre and Sheila Pass,Northern & Yorkshire Cancer Registry & Information Service

In addition to the three sub-groups, there is also an Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) forum for ICT staff to meet regularly.